The Neutral Grounds we have today was established in 2017, but the company has been around since 2002. Neutral Groundz, with a ‘z’, was established in 2002 as a coffee house run on donations and volunteer work with the goal of creating a safe space for college and high school students. For fifteen years, the founders accomplished this goal by hosting shows, gatherings and game nights. Through these events, Neutral Groundz quickly became the go-to gathering place for students.

In 2017, the original founding members of Neutral Groundz passed the responsibilities of the establishment on to Eva Sander, a 21 year old who had grown up in the community, asking her to refurbish and reopen the space. Eva's goal was to maintain the legacy the founders had established and build upon it all the more. Before she knew it, a group of students and alumni from Concordia University had shown up alongside her to help with the project, and together they came up with the idea to create a self-sustaining space which could create community through means of coffee, art and music. They swapped the ‘z’ in the name for an ‘s’, and on February 1, 2018, they reopened as a coffee shop, giving us the Neutral Grounds that we know today.


When Neutral Grounds reopened as a coffee shop, we set out to provide a space for people to meet, work and collaborate. On top of providing a meeting and event space, we also host classes, workshops, and coffee, art, and music events in order to cultivate community. Our overall goal is to give back to Seward. Although we are a "for profit" business, our desire is to use our profits to support those in need and to help build up our city. 


Neutral Grounds is a coffee community committed to providing quality coffee and espresso drinks to the city of Seward. Our coffee beans are from fair trade sources that support the coffee farmers directly. A great deal of our beans are roasted by Cultiva, a coffee shop located in Lincoln, but in 2020 we started doing some of our own roasting as well. Coffee has become a key element within today’s culture, and we aspire to provide quality coffee to build that foundation for our community.


Seward, Nebraska has a rich history in art, and we strive to continue that legacy by partnering with local artists and art students to curate shows and host events. Our shows typically rotate every two months, and many artists choose to sell the work they display. To inquire about displaying your work in our space, please see our email us at info@neutralgroundsne.com.


Another area of the arts we have dedicated ourselves to is music. At Neutral Grounds, we implement events and workshops not only for musicians, but also for those who simply enjoy the value music brings to our everyday lives. We do this as another mean of bringing people together in community. Neutral Grounds is certified to play ASCAP and BMI artists through Soundtrack Your Brand.